Welcome to BaretrHub, the international market place where you can barter goods and services you no longer need in exchange for goods and services you do need. You can swap any unwanted items from your home or business with other members who may have use for them. You can also sell to or buy from other members of this site.

As always, exercise common sense when dealing with someone you don't know. Chat with them first to make a deal (barter), then each arrange shipping for the swap items. You may sell items and process payment through PayPal for cash or exchange for Barter Coins (BARTS). Use BARTS in other transactions, this allows you to save cash money and instead spend your BART balance on items or services that you would have otherwise spent cash on.

Postings of terry


Swap Items

1 Camping & Hiking YUGOSLAVIAN MESS TIN SET 04/08/2020 New Item   Details
2 Clothes, Shoes and Accessories CZECH MAP CASE/SHOULDER BAG 04/08/2020 New Item   Details
3 Camping & Hiking BRITISH ARMY - 4 SEASON SLEE... 04/08/2020 New Item   Details
4 Camping & Hiking GERMAN REVERSIBLE 2 MAN PUP ... 04/08/2020 New Item   Details
5 Camping & Hiking British Army - 4 Season Slee... 04/06/2020 New Item   Details
6 Camping & Hiking British Army - 4 Season Slee... 18/04/2020 New Item   Details

Sale Items

1 Video Games & Consoles Batman - Arkham City 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
2 Video Games & Consoles Bioshock 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
3 Video Games & Consoles Battlefield 4 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
4 Video Games & Consoles Dark Souls 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
5 Video Games & Consoles Grand Theft Auto IV 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
6 Video Games & Consoles Destiny 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
7 Video Games & Consoles Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
8 Video Games & Consoles Shadow of Mordor (Middle Earth) 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
9 Video Games & Consoles The Last of Us 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details
10 Video Games & Consoles Lollipop Chainsaw 16/08/2020 1 Active   Details

Wish Items

1 Clothes, Shoes and Accessories Prada purse/clutch 04/06/2020 Processed   Details
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